For our vegetables growing we use the most advanced Dutch technologies, allowing us to harvest all year round.

Besides productivity, an important aspect of our growing process is environmentally friendly technologies. Our plants are protected from the common risks of vegetables grown on open field, which enable to avoid chemicals using.

Closed phytosanitary regime
The perfect environment, with all the processes aimed at securing plant growth, requires protection from the outside world threats. Hygienic modules ensure scrupulous compliance with phytosanitary regime, reducing the risks of accidental bacterial and fungal plant infections.
Natural assistants of plant cultivation and protection
In our greenhouses latest technologies co-exist in harmony with wisdom of the nature. Bumblebees pollination of the plants ensures harvest and improves the vegetables quality, and insects protecting plants create the most reliable biological protection.
Microclimate management system

In our greenhouses, the latest-generation computer systems allow to create the optimal microclimate with allowance for environmental conditions. All processes are regulated automatically: the energy center operations, the supplementary lighting system, the greenhouses temperature, as well as the ventilation systems, humidity, watering, and nutrition.

Automated irrigation system
It provides round-the-clock real-time supply of highly accurate and reliable data on water content, salt concentration and temperature of the root system environment.
Plant Growth Monitoring and Analysis System
It calculates the growth model considering forecasted weather conditions, which enables to predict harvest and make up a more accurate sales plan. At the same time, it ensures more manageable output volume together with additional opportunities to save energy resources.
Independent power system

All greenhouses have an energy-efficient triple-generation (electricity, heat, CO2), equipped with a power unit based on gas powered electrical generators.

The Donskaya Usadba Plant, located in the Rostov Region, has its own gas field.