LLC TK TyumenAgro

LLC TK TyumenAgro

LLC TK TyumenAgro is one of the few modern greenhouse complexes in the Ural. It is located just within 51 km from Tyumen.

Thanks to artificial assimilation in all production blocks it delivers the freshest vegetables to Ural and Siberia consumers all the year round. The processes of climate maintenance and plant care are regulated automatically, which under the best professionals’ control guarantees stable supply, perfect taste and high quality of vegetables.

Strict phytosanitary control and biological protection method allow growing environmentally friendly products.

The finished products comply with the standards of retail chains which is provided by automated vegetable sorting by weight and size.

Year of opening: 2014
Commissioning of the third phase: 2020
Production capacity: 31,5 mio kg per year
Total area of all phases: 34.9 hectares
Number of employees: 240
Production: tomatoes, cucumbers