LLC ТК Zhurinychi

LLC ТК Zhurinychi

Advanced high-tech greenhouse is building with use of latest Dutch technologies: 100% of square with light crop, an energy-efficient triple-generation (electricity, heat, CO2), - will allow to produce fresh vegetables all year round.

High production efficiency and stable product quality will be provided by automated microclimate control systems and computerized control of plant growth and condition.

The most important factor of the company’s success is its professional team, which possesses the latest technologies and has experience in grow light crop cultivation in different climatic zones.

Year of opening: 2019
Area: 7,2 hectares
Production capacity: 4,8 mio kg per year
Number of employees: about 500
Products: tomatoes, cucumbers

Postal address: 241540, Bryansk region, Bryansk district, Zhurinichi village, ul. Lesnaya, building 22
Phone: +7 (4832) 60-77-59
HR department: +7 (4832) 60-79-63