One of the largest projects in Russian Federation, LLC TK Michurinskiy is located 71 km from Tambov, on the territory of Russia's only agricultural science city of Michurinsk.

The complex is going to include 12 production divisions with an area of 89 hectares. Project will be realized within three stages.

It will be advanced high-tech greenhouse built with use of latest Dutch technologies: 100% of square with light crop, an energy-efficient triple-generation (electricity, heat, CO2).

High production efficiency and stable product quality will be provided by automated microclimate control systems and computerized control of plant growth and condition.

Technologically, the complex will differ from the previous generation of greenhouses by using the following systems and technologies:

  • a higher construction (8 meters), which allows to create more balanced microclimate inside the greenhouse;
  • an innovative technology of growing seedlings on porous floors using volcanic rock;
  • a unique system of recirculation fans, which allows to control the movement of air masses in the greenhouse in a three-dimensional coordinate system;
  • a system of special wind screens for more efficient climate control.

Year of opening: 2020
Area: First phase – 31,9 ha
Planned total area of all phases: 89 hectares
Production capacity: 34 tons per year
Production: tomatoes, cucumbers

Address: 393761, Tambov region, Michurinsky district, Zhidilovsky village council
Phone: +7 (4752) 42-72-98
HR department:+7 (4752) 42-71-98