TK Agapovskiy

TK  Agapovskiy

TK  Agapovskiy is located 20 km away from the large Ural industrial center – Magnitogorsk.  

This greenhouse facility is built according to the up-to-date technologies and will be equipped with automated systems.

The up-to-date technologies enable us to control the microclimate with high accuracy regardless of weather conditions and seasons. Within the greenhouse facility, we create individual ventilation ensuring the targeted distribution of the air flows.

The automated drip watering system allows the plants to receive all necessary vitamins and minerals for development. The supplementary lighting system is used to grow crops all the year round.

Here, we use only biological methods and have completely refused of chemicals.
We control the quality of products at each stage of their production while the latest achievements of agricultural science make it possible to ensure the uniform quality.

Year of opening: 2012

Total area: 8.8 ha

Operational capacity: 5 thous. tons per year (roses: 30 mln pcs per year)

Number of employees: 160 persons

Products: vegetables


Address Polevaya street, 3/1, Narovchatka, Agapovsky District, 457400, Russia