TK Belyy gorod

TK Belyy gorod

TK Belyy gorod is located in village Razumnoye of the Belgorod Region.

The greenhouse facility is built according to the advanced technologies and is equipped with the automatic microclimate control system, growth control system, plant supplementary lighting system, and its own power park. Phytosanitary control and natural protection enable us to refuse of the chemical protection and to grow eco-friendly products all the year round.

Year of opening: 2011
Commissioning of phase I: 2013
Commissioning of phase II: 2015
Total area: 36.8 ha
Operational capacity: 10.5 thous. tons per year
Number of employees: 300
Products: tomatoes


Postal address: Berezovaya street, 24, Razumnoye, Belgorod District, Belgorod Region, 308510, Russia
Phone: +7 (4722) 595–430