TK LipetskAgro

TK LipetskAgro

TK LipetskAgro is the first facility of the fifth generation in Russia where Ultra Clima technology is used.

The Ultra Clima greenhouses maintain an ideal microclimate. This means that the plants are not subject to overheating or cooling, and maintaining the optimal level of CO2 required for photosynthesis has a positive effect on the yield. They are protected from pests. When the windows are open, insects cannot overcome excess pressure and penetrate inside the room.

We reuse heat energy from heating and lamps. Fans redirect warm air back into the sleeves located under each seed bed. Air flows and temperature that make our ideal microclimate are created in them.

Automatic watering system allows us to select an individual schedule for different plants. Powerful lamps neutralize the difference between the seasons and provide the right amount of light.

The greenhouses accommodate bumblebees. They pollinate the plants during flowering in a natural way. To control pests, we use beneficial entomophages that eat them. Therefore, we need no chemical methods of protection.

The greenhouses recreate the ideal conditions for growth and development of taste of our vegetables. HACCP ISO 22000-2018 ensures product safety and quality control at all stages of production. The certification implies that the products are completely free from harmful substances.

Year of opening: 2014
Commissioning of phase II: 2014
Commissioning of phases III, IV, V: 2019
Commissioning of phase VI: 2021
Total area: 52.2 ha
Operational capacity: 34 thous. tons per year
Number of employees: 938
Products: tomatoes

Postal address: Zaytsev street, 2, Dankov, Lipetsk Region, 399851, Russia
Phone: +7 (4742) 37-13-70