TK Eletskie ovoshchi

TK Eletskie ovoshchi

TK Eletskie ovoshchi is located near one of the oldest Russian towns – Yelets and includes the greenhouses of the fifth generation enabling control of the whole process of plants growth. The microclimate control is as follows: the system sets the necessary temperature of the air flow, adjusts humidity and supplies the required amount of СО₂ to each plant creating the best conditions for its growth.

The technology allows decreasing heat energy expenses down to 25% due to reuse of heat from heating and lamps. However, rainwater collection and treatment reduce water resources consumption. Our highly skilled employees carefully monitor the whole process, and the watering, supplementary lighting, plant growth dynamics and condition control systems make it possible to ensure constant quality and taste of vegetables. We use only the eco-friendly, natural pollination method, so bumblebees live in our greenhouses. The Ultra Clima technology generates an excess pressure in the greenhouse preventing pests from getting inside the rooms. The Yelets Vegetables Greenhouse is focused on growing salads and cucumbers. Similarly to our other greenhouse facilities, the Yelets Vegetables Greenhouse has certificates of quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018.

Year of opening: 2016
Commissioning of phase II: 2017
Commissioning of phase III: 2019
Commissioning of phase IV: 2020
Commissioning of phase V: 2021
Total area: 64.8 ha
Operational capacity: 85 thous. tons per year
Number of employees: 1757
Products: cucumbers, salad


Postal address: Yelets Vegetables Greenhouse territory, building 1, Yelets District, Lipetsk Region, 399751, Russia
Phone: +7 (4746) 74-79-00