TK Ovoshchi krasnodarskogo kraya

TK Ovoshchi krasnodarskogo kraya

TK Ovoshchi krasnodarskogo kraya is the modern facilities erected according to the Holland technologies.

The production process is automated and is controlled from the central computer. The system controls the microclimate maintaining the required temperature and humidity. Maintenance of the best microclimate ensures the yield, taste and quality of our vegetables.

The greenhouses use a hydroponics system. Agronomists determine the feed recipe, and the central computer control the delivery. The drip watering system provides the necessary micronutrients and the amount of water that each plant needs. The plants are pollinated by bumblebees that live in greenhouses. The main biological protection means are entomophages. These beneficial insects also live in greenhouses. Strict observance of growing technologies and product quality control takes place at all stages of production. We always harvest vegetables at the peak of their maturity and deliver them to store shelves. Therefore, they are always so tasty and fresh.

Year of opening: 2010
Commissioning of phase II: 2015
Commissioning of phase III: 2016
Total area: 30.2 ha
Operational capacity: 15.4 thous. tons per year
Number of employees: 354
Products: tomatoes

Postal address: Lesnaya street, 1A, Nizhnevedeneevsky, Belorechensk Region, Krasnodar Territory, 352612
Phone: +7 (8612) 04-13-61