TK Luhovitskie ovoshchi

TK Luhovitskie ovoshchi

LLC Lukhovitskyе Vegetables greenhouse is located 141 km from Moscow, in the heartland of famous Lukhovitsky cucumbers. The specific of the Lukhovitsky district are its unique microclimate and a special water composition, thanks to which the local vegetables are especially tasty.

LLC Lukhovitskyе Vegetables greenhouse was built in 2015 with the use of the latest Dutch technologies. Fully equipped with an artificial assimilation system, the complex is one of the first in the world to use two-level inter-lighting system with the latest generation LED lamps. The processes of climate maintenance and plant care are regulated automatically, which together with the best professionals’ control guarantees stable supply, perfect taste and high quality for even the most "capricious" vegetable varieties.

Strict phytosanitary control and biological protection method allow growing environmentally friendly products.

Efficient logistics is provided by the most modern logistics center in the greenhouse industry.

Year of opening: 2015
Commissioning of the second phase: 2019
Commissioning of the logistics center: 2020
Total area: 43.8 hectares
Production capacity: up to 40 mio kg per year
Number of employees: about 500
Production: tomatoes, cucumbers