TK Martynovskiy

TK Martynovskiy provides fresh vegetables to the Kurgan Region.  It is the first modern greenhouse facility in the Transurals with the area of 12.4 ha.

The production process is automated. Integrated control allows us to monitor the microclimate, lighting, schedule of watering, ventilation, and carbon dioxide content in the rooms.

Maintenance of the perfect microclimate ensures yield capacity, taste and quality of vegetables.

And automatic drip watering according to the individual recipes of our agronomists enables the plants to receive all necessary vitamins and minerals for their development. 

The supplementary lighting system enables growing crops all the year round, while the vegetables ripen tasty and retain all vitamins. 

During flowering, the plants are pollinated by bumblebees that live in greenhouses. And entomophages help us in the fight against small pests. Within the greenhouse facility, we use only biological methods and have completely refused of chemicals.

We control the quality of products at every stage of their production from seeds, water for plants watering to a multi-stage quality check of vegetables towards the customers.

The products of the agricultural complex have a voluntary Ecological Certificate (in accordance with the Ecological Certification System of the State Standard of the Russian Federation), which confirms the high quality and environmental friendliness of the products, and the Quality Management System (HACCP) is valid at the production site.

Year of opening: 2020 

Total area: 12.5 ha

Operational capacity: 15.5 thous. tons per year

Number of employees: 340 persons

Products: cucumbers, tomatoes, green crops


Postal address: Shkolnaya street, 29, office 102, Martynovka, Martynovsky village settlement, Safakulevsky municipal area, Kurgan Region, 641083, Russia

Phone: +7 (352) 242-84-42

HR department +7 (904) 800-54-07