TK Gornyy

TK Gornyy is the only one greenhouse facility in the mining area. Two greenhouse units are located with a height difference of more than 10 meters.

In the Gorny Agricultural Complex, the entire production process from planting to product packaging is automated.

The complex consists of a seedling compartment, a greenhouse compartment with supplementary lighting system and a system of light greenhouses. A logistic center is located nearby. 

In the seedling compartment, we use the cassette method of filling and sowing the seeds. The process is fully automated. We water the plants using the ebb and flow method: plants in special pots are installed in a pallet on movable racks. The computer supply a culture solution to each pot several times per hour. In the pauses between watering, the roots of the plants breathe. This facilitates plant growth.

All control within the compartments is centralized. So, the microclimate, heating, ventilation, supplementary lighting and drip watering systems as well as the carbon dioxide content in the room are controlled by an intelligent system. 

We grow vegetables using the low-volume hydroponics method without soil; we use a mineral substrate instead it. This allows us to refuse completely the chemicals as well as to use rationally water for watering and labor resources.

The up-to-date automated supplementary lighting system eliminates the difference between the seasons and allows us to grow delicious vegetables all the year round, preserving vitamins in them.

We use only the biological methods for protection. We have our own laboratory.  The plants are pollinated by bumblebees. They live in beehives located in the greenhouses. We combine modern technologies and the wisdom of nature.

We have our own energy resources which enable us to work independently and help to increase energy efficiency.

Using the intelligent system, agronomists and technologists create ideal conditions to get the top yield; then, they gather it manually.

Year of opening: 2019 

Total area: 25 ha

Operational capacity: 33 thous. tons per year

Number of employees: 720 persons

Products: cucumbers, tomatoes, green crops


Postal address: Lugovaya street, 1B, office 107, Maly Berdyash, Yst’-Katav, Ust’-Katav City District, Chelyabinsk Region, 456040, Russia

Phone: +7 (962) 547-63-78

HR department +7 (982) 310-61-39