30 December 2021
Thanks to each and every one of you, the year 2021 has been wonderful for us!
27 December 2021
Group of companies “ROST” purchased the Agapovsky greenhouse complex
“Agapovsky” became the 16th greenhouse complex
24 December 2021
Kumato® - the first brown tomato on the market
Growing real Kumato® tomatoes
17 December 2021
Meet “YOOM” tomatoes: unusual purple color and a special taste
Growing exclusively for the “Sladkaya Yagoda” brand 
10 December 2021
The Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative Igor Shchegolev visited the «LipetskAgro» greenhouse complex
3 December 2021
The reddest “Flamenco” tomatoes on air
Color, value, and taste.
29 November 2021
Dmitry Patrushev and Igor Artamonov visited the “LipetskAgro” greenhouse complex
Innovational greenhouses with bumblebees
23 November 2021
The sweetest contest
15 November 2021
The “ROST” group of companies purchased the “Churilovo” agricultural complex
The major M&A deal in the segment of greenhouse business was closed
20 October 2021
Sweet berry in a new design
More than just tomatoes
8 October 2021
The “ROST” group of companies took part in the agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn – 2021”
26 August 2021
The 12th greenhouse complex in the Belgorod region
We increase production capacity

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