CRUNCHY ROST SALAD of premium quality was created for the best flavor combinations. Crunchy leaves with summer juiciness possess subtle sweet flavor and luscious fresh aroma.

The original appearance of the leaves with “wavy” edges will make the dishes more elegant. It is recommended to rip juicy leaves of crunchy ROST salad by hand to preserve taste qualities.


- Perfect as a fresh garnish for meat or fish with lemon juice and olive oil dressing;

- Can be used for beautiful and tasty serving of various entrees, meat and fish dishes;

- Its taste is more rich in vegetable salads when it’s used with other salad varieties;

- Adds additional freshness to sandwiches and makes them more appetizing;
HEALTH BENEFITS: beautiful leaves of crunchy salad with fretted edges are rich with high content of vitamin C, a large number of micronutrients, and also contain a lot of fiber.

They improve digestion, the work of the heart and blood vessels, as well as purify the body from cholesterol and salts.